Perhaps no medical professional is more feared than the dentist, primarily because people worry that procedures needed to improve oral hygiene will cause pain. In this two-part article, we discuss and prove or disprove common dental myths.

Myth: Sugarless gum is a good substitute for brushing.
Status: True, but only to a point. You can chew sugarless gum to improve your breath and receive some moderate cleaning benefit, but nothing substitutes for proper brushing. Chew the gum in a pinch, but definitely brush when you can.

Myth: My gums only bleed if I brush too hard.
Status: False. Bleeding gums might indicate some type of gum disease. Immediately contact your dentist if you notice persistent bleeding from your gums.

Myth: I should not brush my teeth if my gums bleed.
Status: False. Again, you should contact your dentist immediately for counsel, but you can brush your teeth if you feel you must. Make sure to use a soft toothbrush and go over your gums lightly so as not to worsen the bleeding.

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